2020 Iris Convention

Iris Photo Gallery

The 2020 Iris Convention could not be held because of coronavirus. This site exists so iris pictures can be shared with the community. Feel free to submit a photo!

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What is an Iris?

Iris is a genus, which contains over 250 species of vibrant flowering plants. In fact, the name is derived from the Greek word for rainbow.

It is a perennial plant that can also be grown from bulbs. Their flowers have six lobes and are shaped in a fan-like formation. They have a narrow base, which expands into a broader portion. Some of them have "beards", which are short upright structures growing from within.

They attract many pollinating insects. Flying insects are able to land on their petals as they probe for nectar. Eventually they will fly to another blooming flower to help spread its pollen.

Raising an Iris

Raising a flower in a garden is not difficult. In fact, growing on a separated plot of land your yard is exciting and fun! You can grow any type of flower, ornamental, or vegetable that you want in this space. All it requires is a little planning and you will have an area that you can show off to your neighbors. It can also be as big or as small as you want and can feature man-made statues or small creeks.

Gardens can give you a space to look at from your window or it can be a place to get some activity as your carry out your horticultural hobby.

The iris flower has petals that are vibrant, deep colors that makes it mesmerizing to look at.